Making Instant Lawns Affordable

Advance Turf grows (yes on our farm, Swan Hill, on the Murray River) and sell several great varieties of instant lawn (the real stuff not plastic!) at an affordable price. We also provide you with as much information as possible for you to create that lush green and cool environment for you and your family to enjoy.

We sell Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo, Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo, Santa Ana Couch, Wintergreen Couch, and Mallee Kikuyu.

With the current dry conditions and Lake Eppalock at low levels, we highly recommend Kikuyu for Bendigo residents. The kikuyu does not need much water once it is established, is soft underfoot and a great affordable price.


Live in Melbourne?

Please go to our Melbourne website www.instantlawns.com.au.

Regional Victoria

Do you live in elsewhere in regional Victoria?  Go to regionalinstantlawns.com.au.

Laying turf at this time of year

Order your turf for the day you are going to lay it  –  lay your turf ASAP   –  apply water immediately   – keep your turf damp until you can not lift it   –  enjoy your new lawn!

After laying your turf, you will need to keep the turf damp (not laying in water) until it is fully established (can not be lifted).

We recommend to top dress your newly laid turf. Top dressing is where you spread a thick layer of river washed sand or a top soil (sandy loam) along the joins of the turf and anywhere you have cut the turf to fit.

Water Restrictions

Bendigo residences are now under Permanent Water Use Rules.  You can now water with a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle at any time & watering systems can be used between 6pm and 10am any day.

The DIY Project

Laying turf is the perfect DIY project. We, the turf grower, aim to provide you with all the right information on how to succeed. So put the finishing touch on your renovation, or create somewhere outside that is lovely and soft with low allergy for the children to play on. At Advance TURF we have made countless people extremely satisfied by empowering them to make the choice to have their own beautiful green lawn.

Popular selling warm season grasses includes Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo, Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo, Santa Ana Couch, Wintergreen Couch and Mallee Kikuyu. Whether you need it to be shade or drought tolerant and if its low maintenance you’re after, we’ve got it!! Don’t forget we provide you with free start up fertiliser!